I know I made that positive post yesterday but todays been shitty….trying to stay positive though… sometimes you just gotta let it out…I hope I feel better later/tomorrow

edit: im feeling better, just eaten something and been listening to music, i just needed to breathe abit.Letting go of negativity from today.

29/9/14 9:28pm

Im really fucking proud of myself to say i dont hate myself or my life or feel suicidal anymore and it took a while but im there.I just wanna tell anyone whos feeling hopeless,anxious,useless,depressed,suicidal and anything else of that sort: ive been there and it does get better, just hold on, if you cant live for yourself right now- live for music,your idols,simplistic pleasures, people will care if you died..I promise you that.And it makes me so sad to know so many are in a very dark place right now.YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT and it may take weeks,months or years but you will be okay in the end and things do get better i am not bullshitting you to comfort you,it does, just sail through, you will be okay one day, just stay strong and learn that if you cant change something in your life, accept it.Try to love and accept yourself for what you are truly and your life.Surround yourself with positivity.Give yourself time.Im not saying i feel good all the time, i still get low and have bad times but im so much better than i was 2 years ago.Im no longer struggling 24 hours a day.Im still on the road to recovery but i want to show to all those who are at their lowest point now, you can do this.You can improve, you can get better.One day, we can all be happy,just believe and try.Also im here if anyone needs to talk.I understand.